Podcasting Continued

After some initial stumblings in trying to find a location to upload my very brief podcast, I’ve managed to upload to the online Podbean.com service. I’m testing to see whether I can sneakily post to this WordPress site:

Click to listen

Podcast Powered By Podbean

Just some things I learned in the process:

  • It is better to script in advance rather than ad lib as I have done here
  • I should have edited out mistakes, but really wanted just to see how quickly I could put this together. I estimate it took roughly 25 mins in total for recording and editing in GarageBand.
  • It would be worth paying for an upgrade to WordPress to be able to embed the audio file directly, if I was to consider making additional podcasts.
  • The above player code from Podbean isn’t displaying correctly on a web browser, and doesn’t work on a mobile device.
  • I would consider using Audacity for a second pass to easily edit out stuttering, etc. using the Silence tool. This is far to difficult to quickly do using Garage Band.
  • I think playing in a streaming version is far superior a user experience for this type of podcast, to downloading when viewing on a standard computer (i.e. not a mobile device).
  • To make really professional sounding podcasts, hire someone with a good speaking voice. I wouldn’t get the job!


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2 Responses to Podcasting Continued

  1. E. Odisho says:

    Cool jingles for the introduction. Because of your podcast and the links, I have a clearer idea what IMPALA is. Moreover, I think the second example about an instructional podcast would be very useful in developing countries where downloading large image files might be infeasible.

    Your reflection on what you learned is thorough. Also, the links you give are very helpful, for example the link about ‘Pedagogical roles for audio in online learning’ was very helpful in understanding how audio can be conducive to learning.

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